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Valencia is a land of flowers and fallas, one of the largest cities in Spain and one of the liveliest. Situated on the shore of the Mediterranean you can walk for the heart of the city to the beaches in a matter of minutes. It is no surprise that every year we are visited my large numbers of tourists. However there are more than just beaches, there are endless possibilities for other sports (golf, scuba diving, cycling, sailing, tennis, etc), a vibrant nightlife and a wide range of cultural events. Valencia has it all.
Important international exhibitions confirms Valencia’s status as one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in Spain. Walking through the streets and participating in the abundant activities that the city has to offer. After your days enjoyment and you are feeling hungry, then that is the time to try Spain’s most famous dish, La Paella Valenciana.

The fertile region of Valencia for its oranges and is known as the Garden of Spain. Also the sea offers a variety of fresh and tasty fish and shellfish making the cuisine unbeatable. And why not wash it down with one of our famous Utiel-Requena or Valencian wines? What more could a demanding palate want? Rice plays a leading role in our most notable culinary creations and has a large chapter in the gastronomic history of Spain, who hasn’t heard of Paella? But perhaps not everybody has a clear idea of what paella really is, the best known internationally is with shellfish and chicken but more traditionally “Valenciana” is the addition of rabbit, snails and vegetables, known as marinera.
City of Valencia, Venue of the European Grand Prix, 2008
The streets of Valencia will host the Formula 1, European Grand Prix for the next 7 years. The route of the circuit passes close the newly designed marina and the first race is scheduled for the autumn of 2008.
City of Valencia, Venue for the 32nd and 33rd Americas cup
After a rigorous selection process, on the 23rd November 2003, AC Management made public the choice of Valencia for the 32nd Americas Cup. Amongst other factors, Valencia was chosen for its reliable meteorological conditions ensuring that the competition can progress according to the program. The city has transformed the interior of the commercial port into a sports marina dedicated to the regatta. After retaining the Americas cup, Team Alinghi, has chosen to defend their title in Valencia in 2009.
Interesting links Valencia

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